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Buying Warnings and Tips for "High-Risk Events"


Due to the increased demand and high profile of events such as the Super Bowl, eBay strongly encourages that you trade smart and follow these important buying guidelines:


Use Common Sense


• If the ticket offering and price seem too good to be true, they probably are. 


Know Your Seller


• Pay attention to the seller's feedback score and view the Member Profile to learn more about the ticket seller. This is an important tool that provides you with a clear history of items that a seller has sold in the past and the experiences buyers have had. 
• Carefully review feedback left from past transactions and look for a strong track-record (% positive should be higher than 99%). 


Use a Secure Payment Method


• Use PayPal or a credit card to ensure maximum buying protection. If using PayPal, you should consider using your credit card as your "funding source" for your tickets to gain the added buyer protection that your credit card offers. 
• We strongly discourage eBay members from using instant cash transfer services such as MoneyGram or Western Union. Bidders should be especially cautious if one or both of these are the only payment methods accepted by the seller. 
• Never bid on listings where the seller only accepts cash. 


Avoid Off-eBay (Private-Party) Transactions


• Never conduct business off of eBay in a "side deal."  You are unprotected in such transactions and are more susceptible to fraud.

• Never respond to email inquiries from other sellers who may contact you based on your bidding on a ticket listing. By bidding on high-profile event tickets such as a Super Bowl ticket listing, you could become a target for fraudsters who may try to make you offers that are too good to be true. Never, ever, provide your eBay account information unless you have navigated to eBay.com on your own (not by means of a link in an email, for example)


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To avoid the risk inherent with eBay, especially for high-risk event tickets, Tix101 recommends purchasing such tickets from online-marketplaces that handle the entire transaction and have a 100% guarantee with a solid business history.  It may cost a little more, but the peace-of-mind is often well worth any premium paid.  Try StubHub or read more about StubHub here.


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