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eBay Tickets is a great place to buy tickets if you know exactly what you are looking for and are familiar with purchasing items on eBay. 


Please review our eBay Ticket Alert page.


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eBay is risky, but you can often buy safely and save money - if you know how to avoid some common mistakes.


Save yourself the headache of buying from a scam-artist or even a newbie seller that is going to make your transaction rough, stressful, and cause concern for all.   Always buy from a seller who is a Powerseller and has a 100% Feedback rating.  See a list of recommended sellers below.


When is the best time to buy tickets?  Anytime.  Often, speculators think that as the event grows closer, the ticket prices will come down from the sellers that don't want to "eat" their tickets - and from fans who can't make it to the event at the last minute.  However, if everyone thought this way, wouldn't buyers not buy at first and wait until the end - essentially causing a reversal of this theory?  Yes and no.  The truth is, there are pros and cons to either method.  If you want good tickets, especially if you know exactly where you want to sit, do not wait to buy the tickets.  Most often, even if prices are sometimes lower closer to the event, the good tickets are gone or if still available are still commanding the same premium price they were earlier on.  However, if you don't care where you sit or you just want to get in the door - you can often pick up great deals on horrible seats right before the event.  There are exceptions, of course.  For example, if your desired event is popular, general admission (no assigned seating - all tickets are the same), and it is taking place at a small venue (House of Blues, for example), you will often see ticket prices rise as inventory on the resale market usually decreases for these events.


Recommended eBay Sellers


The following sellers have 100% Positive Feedback and are verified eBay Powersellers. We have purchased tickets from these sellers on more than one occasion and can verify they are professional and provide exceptional customer service.


[In Alphabetical Order]

  • AlwaysVIP - eBay Seller Since 1999 - Location: California, US
  • MaxxTickets - eBay Seller Since 2001 - Location: Ontario, Canada
  • saTickets - eBay Seller Since 1998 - Location: California, US


If you had an exceptional experience with an eBay ticket-seller, please let us know and we will include that seller on this page (Required: ≥1,000 100% Positive Feedback).  Thank you!