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Armed with a unique ability to question the most accepted aspects of daily life, Jerry Seinfeld is the quintessential "have you ever wondered why" comedian. And the title character of a wildly successful self-titled sitcom. Now he's returned to his standup comedy roots with a new, edgier, post-superstardom act.

Jerry Seinfeld Tickets - About the Comedian
Jerry Seinfeld, simply put, is one of the modern legends of comedy. Tickets to his shows, as a result, will be as high in demand as the DVD sets to his historic comedy series have been since their release. Jerry Seinfeld tickets are available for his current tour of the United States, and these comedy tickets are truly unique in terms of Seinfeld's comedic style. Seinfeld is known for his observational humor and the fact that he omits profanity from his act. Seinfeld perfected this style well before his show became a hit of historic proportions by working the "club scene" throughout the 1980's. Seinfeld also became a regular performer on such shows as Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman. When considering the success of Seinfeld both as a comedian and in regards to his sit-com, it's easy to understand that Jerry Seinfeld tickets may be very difficult to locate unless you work with StubHub. StubHub gives you the chance to buy or sell Jerry Seinfeld tickets, other comedy tickets, and tickets to almost any sporting or theatrical event in the world.